Which Love Island USA season 5 couples are still together? (2024)

Which Love Island USA season 5 couples are still together? (1)

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As Love Island USA season 5 came to a close, with Marco and Hannah being crowned the winners, many fans found themselves disappointed to discover that a season 5 reunion would not be taking place. Viewers wouldn't be treated with updates on the final couples.

With that in mind, we decided to whip out our detective hats and do some digging around the internet to see which season 5 couples are still going strong away from the show cameras. So without further delay, here are some updates on the Love Island USA season 5 couples.

Love Island USA season 5 finalists

Hannah and Marco

Which Love Island USA season 5 couples are still together? (2)

Hannah and Marco seemed to be the epitome of the phrase "love at first sight." From the moment she walked into the villa, Marco was laser-focused on her and never turned his head toward another woman. Even when his ex, ironically also named Hannah, emerged on the island via Casa Amor, Marco stayed committed to the new Hannah in his life. The couple edging out Kassy and Leo in many ways made sense. But did the couple manage to keep their flame burning outside the villa?

The answer is a resounding yes. Almost a year later after filming, and the couple are still going strong, evidenced by an Instagram post shared by Marco on May 27.

Kassy and Leo

Which Love Island USA season 5 couples are still together? (3)

The pair may not have won the season, but they certainly were the most captivating to watch. Their rocky journey to love included a brief recoupling involving Anna and perhaps the most controversial Hideaway hookup in the history of Love Island USA, which saw Leo get intimate with Johnnie. For some fans, it was hard to see a path forward for Kassy and Leo after the incident, especially when Kassy ironically found herself romantically interested in Johnnie too.

In the end, Kassy and Leo reunited, exchanged their I love yous and finished the season in second place. So are they still together?

Sadly, no. The pair split a few short months after filming wrapped. On another note, Kassy has launched a podcast and Leo has released a single.

Taylor S. and Bergie

Which Love Island USA season 5 couples are still together? (4)

From being the first person technically dumped from the island (although he was saved from going home) to being a finalist, Bergie's Love Island journey was pretty remarkable. Especially when you add in the fact that a majority of his time spent on the show was without a genuine connection. But then entered Taylor S. She arrived in the villa knowing she wanted Bergie, and the rest is history. So are the duo still dating?

The couple is still going strong, as evidenced by their social media. Taylor frequently posts pictures of her with Bergie.

Carmen and Kenzo

Which Love Island USA season 5 couples are still together? (5)

Carmen struggled to find a real connection during her time on season 5 until Kenzo walked through the Love Island doors. Once he arrived in the game, the woman who professed to be a "slow burn" when it came to romance, suddenly found herself falling hard and fast for him. Their love for each other was evident to viewers, which is why they landed among the final couples. But did their showmance continue outside of the series?

Another success story here. Carmen and Kenzo are still in love as evidenced by their social media.

Other Love Island USA season 5 couples

Kay Kay and Keenan

Which Love Island USA season 5 couples are still together? (6)

In the beginning, we would have picked Kay Kay and Keenan to be the couple to win it all. However, Keenan's perceived uncertainty about Kay Kay led him to make some unpopular choices among fans. Most notably, Keenan's interaction with Najah during Casa Amor, which left Kay Kay in tears, was the final straw for viewers who dumped Keenan from the series shortly thereafter. Kay Kay still felt love for Keenan and voluntarily left the villa with him.

Unfortunately, the two didn't last. Kay Kay announced back in December 2023 on TikTok that she and Keenan had split.

Johnnie and Scott

Which Love Island USA season 5 couples are still together? (7)

When Love Island UK's Scott made his debut as the final bombshell for Love Island USA season 5, he had no problems turning heads. Although he had an interest in a few women in the villa, and they had an interest in him, he and Johnnie managed to pair in a last-minute coupling. Unfortunately for the two, it didn't take long for them to be eliminated from the competition.

Since Johnnie is from Arizona and Scott from the UK, and due to the fact they met so late, their prospects for making it outside of the show were considered slim. As it turns out, Johnnie shared with the After the Island podcast that she and Scott are just friends.

Destiny and Kyle

Which Love Island USA season 5 couples are still together? (8)

Although they met in Casa Amor, Destiny and Kyle really weren't seen interacting on the show initially. She even coupled with Zay at the end of Casa, and Kyle paired with Imani. Once the romantic spark fizzled with their other romantic connections, Destiny and Kyle still weren't shown getting cozy. Hence the shock many viewers felt watching the two pair up in season 5's final coupling ceremony.

Right after Destiney and Kyle were dumped from the island, they spent some time together in Martha's Vineyard. However, their romance has since cooled off. They don't even follow each other on Instagram.

Imani and Zay

Which Love Island USA season 5 couples are still together? (9)

Similar to Destiny and Kyle, Imani and Zay was a coupling that came out of left field. In many ways, when Imani and Zay decided to couple, it didn't appear to be a move made out of romance but rather strategy to stay on the show. Although Imani expressed wanting to explore her attraction to Zay, he ultimately told other people in the villa he really felt his connection with her lent itself to a "friend vibe."

When Imani and Zay were eliminated from Love Island USA, it didn't look like there would be much hope for a romantic future. Sadly for those rooting for the couple, Imani pretty much confirmed on the After the Island podcast that she and Zay are not dating.

The entirety of Love Island USA season 5 is currently streaming on Peaco*ck. Love Island USA season 6 debuts on the platform on June 11.

Which Love Island USA season 5 couples are still together? (10)

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Which Love Island USA season 5 couples are still together? (2024)
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