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The Funniest Madea Bloopers - Looper (1)

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Madea is back, and this iconic funny lady is bringing the laughs in "A Madea Homecoming." The film features writer, director, and star Tyler Perry reprising his role as the world's gruffest grandma, serving up all of her signature slams on the screen once again, which is worth a whole lot of "halleluyers" for fans of the franchise.

"A Madea Homecoming" is the 12th installment in the seriesand features all of the elements audiences have come to know and love from this unique character, as she welcomes a host of familiar and new characters for another rip-roaring gathering. The film is filled with humor and heart, but as you might expect, the people behind the scenes have just as much fun making these films as we do watching them, especially when things go wrong in the best way possible. So to celebrate the latest addition to the "Madea" film universe, here's a look back at some of the most hilarious bloopers from Tyler Perry's entire saga.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Movie audiences first met Madea in the 2005 film "Diary of a Mad Black Woman," a movie that follows one of Madea's granddaughters as she seeks refuge in her house after being expelled from her fancy estate by her cruel husband. With Madea's unique type of tough love, our protagonist manages to pick up the pieces of her broken life and find a new sense of purpose and resolve after enduring such abject humiliation.

Many audiences had already come to know and love Madea thanks to Perry's series of popular stage plays, but this pic marked a triumphant movie debut for the character, filled with zingy one-liners and some hysterical revenge scenes. Though Perry was already seasoned in portraying Madea by this point, he still had a few behind-the-scenes slips that are hilarious to rewatch. One such is this moment when the off-camera person reading the lines for one of Perry's other characters — Madea's similarly snappy brother, Joe — is accidentally so funny that the actor keeps breaking character and even has to ask for a substitute line reader ... before discovering that even this personnel switcheroo won't stop him from getting the giggles.

Madea Goes to Jail

By the time the fourth film in the franchise, 2009's "Madea Goes to Jail," hit theaters, Madea was already an international icon, and the storyline itself capitalizes on that by turning the character into a headline-maker in the movie's world as well. The film finds Madea behind bars after her high-speed chase cameo that took place in the previous pic, 2008's "Meet the Browns." As part of her sentencing structure, Madea has to attend anger management.

Not only does she find herself on the news quite a bit as a result of the incident, but she also gets an unforgettable visit with Dr. Phil as he tries to sort through her well-documented rage issues. Audiences will no doubt remember the uproarious exchange that unfolds between them as they debate the value of getting even, but if you stick around through the credits, you might see that there's even more absurdity in the bloopers. In the film's bonus footage, Dr. Phil asks Madea why she needed to forklift a woman out of her parking space a la "Fried Green Tomatoes," and after a bit of ad-libbing, both the doctor and Perry both have no choice but to break character and let the real laugh session commence.

I Can Do Bad All By Myself

Sometimes even when Perry messes up his lines, he still manages to stay in character. For example, takethis side-splitting outtake from "I Can Do Bad All By Myself." The 2009 film, which was the fifth installment in the franchise, features Madea helping a group of young children find a happier, healthier home life with an estranged aunt after they break into her house in a moment of desperation.

While shooting a scene in Madea's home, Perry overhears a member of the film's crew begin to cough, which breaks his concentration as he tries to remember his lines. Not only does he then have to admit that he's already struggling to remember his dialogue, but he proceeds to have a little fun with the crewmember by calling them out while remaining in character, bringing some of Madea's signature sass as everyone laughs along.

Madea's Big Happy Family

An element that makes Madea so hilarious to watch is the physical comedy aspects of the character. Though Madea is an elderly grandmother, aunt, mother, and friend to so many characters in the series, she's also tough as nails and does not hesitate to put her backhand where her mouth is when the situation calls for more than a sharp tongue lashing.

In this outtake from "Madea's Big Happy Family," for example, it's Madea's ex, Mr. Brown (David Mann), who's on the receiving end of just such a gesture. After a bit of a health scare, Mr. Brown tries to sneak in a hug from Madea while she's ironing, and she responds by smacking him away and onto the ground. It's all safe and pain-free for the actors, of course, but when David Mann gets back up, Tyler Perry says he's ready for another round and "just getting warmed up," which leaves everyone cackling with amusem*nt.

That wasn't the only moment Perry busted up a shot to have some real-life fun. He also rapped in his own voice in what should've been a big family speech, andheused his own vocals to create the best possible punchline during Madea's dramatic appearance on "Maury."

Madea's Witness Protection

Tyler Perry isn't the only star who's been shown to break into a fit of laughter on the set of the "Madea" movies. In 2012's "Madea's Witness Protection," the seventh film in the series, the story ushers in a bunch of new faces as Madea's house becomes a hiding place for a family that's under witness protection by the FBI. Unfortunately for the film's star, Denise Richards, acting opposite Perry in full Madea gear proved to be a bit too much, and she couldn't help but lose it on multiple occasions.

However, perhaps the most hilarious blooper from the picture comes when Madea finds herself in an unfamiliar bathroom situation as her hotel has a bidet next to the toilet. When she calls the concierge from the bathroom's phone to unravel the mystery of the second facility, she's even more confused to learn about the very existence of the bidet. Even funnier is the fact that while filming the scene, Perry realizes he has to keep in character while accidentally speaking to an actual person before fessing up to the fact that he's acting and didn't expect to actually catch anyone on the line.

A Madea Christmas

Once the "Madea" franchise started getting into holiday fare with its eighth film, 2013's "A Madea Christmas," ordinary holly jolly festivities gave way to some truly belly-shaking antics courtesy of the movie's title heroine. The film follows the family matriarch as she heads to a small town amid some economic and personal distresses, and her extended family members are, of course, treated to some of her unusual wit.

The explosive comedy isn't just reserved for the final cut, though. In one behind-the-scenes outtake, as Madea begins to talk about someone who survived an apparent heart attack by farting, Perry's line delivery is simply too much for his co-stars to take, and they can't help but burst into real laughter. However, the funniest bit is what follows, as Larry the Cable Guy unexpectedly breaks out some sharp improv by recommending the heartburn medication he famously promoted in real-life commercials.

Boo! A Madea Halloween

The next big holiday to get the Madea treatment was the spookiest one, with 2016's "Boo! A Madea Halloween" bringing the screen queen to All Hallows' Eve for the ninth installment. The movie features Madea doing a favor for her nephew, Brian — heading over to his house to watch his teenage daughter, Tiffany. However, this little protection detail goes awry when Tiffany tricks her guardian into letting her sneak out by telling Madea a scary story about a supernatural entity lurking around the house.

Naturally, filming such scenes meant Perry had to creep around in a dark, eerie manor during production, and in one behind-the-scenes moment from the production process, Perry manages to actually psych himself out. In fact, he has to call a halt to filming when he hears someone creeping around above him and demands to know, "Hold the h*** on, who's up there?" Talk about getting into character.

Madea's Family Funeral

One of the most essential characters in the entire "Madea" universe is Tyler Perry's other disguised alter ego, Uncle Joe. The bitter, cantankerous relationship between Madea and her live-in brother is one of the most rib-tickling aspects of the entire series, as they always tend to save their best digs for one another. And in the 11th installment of the franchise, "A Madea Family Funeral," Joe takes another stab at his sister by engaging in one of his favorite conversation pieces: farting.

Yep, in this riotous bonus footage, Joe can be heard describing what it's like to live with Madea and her many instances of gas-passing, and the line is such a hoot that even Perry can't get the words out without chuckling. It's hard to imagine how Perry ever managed to hold it together during Joe's many diatribes about digestive issues, but that's part of the magic of these movies!


The Funniest Madea Bloopers - Looper (2024)
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