Golden Sands Holiday Park Rhyl | Stunning UK Hot Tub Break (2023)

"Me & my partner enjoyed our weekend with you, the caravan that we stayed in was nice/clean & comfortable, the park & the beach was very good & the weather made it evenbetter."

MICHAEL - Jul 2022

"Caravan was spotless and caravan site very clean. Had a lovely break and would return"

Deborah - Jul 2022

"Caravan was nice and clean, location was good close to beach, and the fair."

Suzi - Jun 2022

"Brilliant holiday, lovely park, easy access to beach and nearby towns."

Susan - Jun 2022

"We went with a 16 year old this site although enjoyable and you couldn't fault the staff is not for teenagers but perfect for the younger family"

Sue - Jun 2022

"We have really enjoyed staying at Golden Sands , facilities were great ! Unfortunately we didn't get to dine in the restaurant ."

Lisa - Jun 2022

"Fond it difficult to find as it's next to bridge it's not very well signed posted it's between bridge and shop on very tight turn but the holiday was great"

Charlotte - Jun 2022

"We went with a 16 year old this site although enjoyable and you couldn't fault the staff is not for teenagers but perfect for the younger family"

Sandra Hodgkinson - Apr 2021

"Bronze caravan basic as expected. But good value for money as clean & presentable."

William - Nov 2014

"Very nice relaxing week we enjoyed ourself"

Linda - Nov 2014

"Our caravan was very good"

Linda - Nov 2014

"Wondered if we should have upgraded to Gold but on arrival our silver caravan was super clean, ready to use and for an october holiday lovely and warm. Had everything we needed supplied, couch covers could be renewed as worn but for one week and three kids it was fine"

Moira - Oct 2014

"The caravan was very comfortable unfortunately the previous guests were obviously heavy smokers so we bought air freshener and tried our best to get rid of the odour. We arrived late and reception was closing so by the next day were well settled in so just worked around it. On the part of the very nice reception staff they did say we should have complained earlier. Otherwise just a fabulous experience."

Donald - Oct 2014

"Me and my partner was so impressed with how clean the caravan we stayed in was. Absolutly excellent"

Christopher - Oct 2014

"Clean as your own home and all in good condition. My only suggestion would be to change the bedding duvet covers and duvets. They are very dated compared to the caravan and ours had burns in from I presume cigarettes."

Ian - Sep 2014

"We had a great time, we didn't use the pool or bar area on the golden sands resort as we spend most our time in Rhyl and Towyn's entertainment facilities. The caravan was very clean, comfortable and modern."

Heather - Sep 2014

"We loved the caravan we stayed in however it was situated so far away from the main park facilities that with an 18 month old it was impossible to enjoy the actual park. The swimming pool was lovely however the staff were rude and grumpy. Not a bad holiday but would stay other places when going back to Wales."

Daniella - Sep 2014

"The entrance to the holiday park was awkward at best & dangerous at the worst. The caravan we stayed in was lovely altough very near to a busy railway line!! The pool only opened to the general public from 10am too. Would definately not be rushing back to golden sands anytime soon."

Vicky - Aug 2014

"Nice caravan, but would not go here again as for the whole week there was a drain smell, the arcade was not focused on children and the beach was filthy ( rubbish on the beach ) one of the good things about it was that there was an asda within walking distance."

Rebecca - Aug 2014

"We got a really lovely caravan, we were really pleased with it.

Only negative points is club house is too small for such a big site and the swimming pool has a max of 40 people at a time, which is good for safety but be prepared to queue in busy times.
Lots to do in area, some lovely places to visit."

Kelly - Aug 2014

"We booked this holiday very last minute and were delighted with our choice. The park is well laid out and had facilities to suit everyone in our party"

Karen - Aug 2014

"golden sands is a lovely site,very clean and well managed.the facilites are excellent and the location is spot on.we were upgraded on arrival to a gold caravan which was beautiful,we had a great holiday and would recommend golden sands"

John - Aug 2014

"Golden sands was superb! The kids really enjoyed it (as did adults) only concern we really had was that in.the soft play area in the entertainment complex there was nothing at the bottom for younger kids. Maybe a ball pit at the bottom for younger children would make it more enjoyable for all ages?"

Helen - Aug 2014

"Booked again for August 2015 on our last day there. Fantastic & a great location for days out to great places nearby too!"

Ed - Aug 2014

"Not enough on the site plus the location of the caravan was far from everything"

Debbie - Aug 2014

"Really enjoyed holiday clean modern site only hitch was access to pool need easier and more access."

Christine - Aug 2014

"was given a caravan too small for our party after we brought it to there attention we were soon move to a bigger caravan"

Adrian - Aug 2014

"Hoilday was brilliant love goldern sands staff where amazing helpful, kind and entertaining . Can't fault the park clean and tidy with lots to do . Would return tomorrow if we had the choice x x. Excellent 10/10 thanks everyone xx"

Tracey - Jul 2014

"Absolutely fantastic holiday"

Shannon - Jul 2014

"Campsite was clean and well presented, staff were all very friendly and helpful, beach and Asda were in walking distance. Surrounding area looked a bit tired but no complaints on the actual site"

Sarra - Jul 2014

"Excellent stay staff very helpful,this was our third time at this park and will certainly be back"

Rose - Jul 2014

"Fantastic! The whole family loved it, right next to the beach as well."

Robert - Jul 2014

"All good apart from three things:
1) the pool isn't large enough as only 42 people allowed in at a time which meant having to wait nearly an hour to get in.
2) As a person with mobility problems I was not able to get into the pool as it only had ladders where as I could have managed steps.
3) As I use a mobility scooter it was quite frustrating to find that there were only two exit/entrances to the sea front that had slopes. There were many gates but all the others had steps.
The grounds were maintained to a high standard as were the communal buildings."

Penny - Jul 2014

"enjoyed my stay,look forward to doing it again"

Patricia - Jul 2014

"Always a little dubious about booking a caravan as don't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised, as were the grandparents who came with us. We booked a bronze caravan, it was surprisingly spacious, had everything in it we needed, it was clean and relatively modern. Ours was located very close to the club, which was great for my partners nan and granddad so they didn't have too far to walk, but it could be quite noisy also, however I think noise is just part and parcel of a caravan park holiday!
The club was great, my little girl absolutely loved it, spent a fortune on the arcades!! But the food and drinks were very reasonably priced and the food was also lovely, could not fault it, or the service which was also fab.
Lovely beach a stones throw away. A large market down the road if you're into that. Overall we had a great little weekend and would definitely book another holiday there in the future!"

Nicola - Jul 2014

"The kids and I love our holiday and the caravan was the cleanest I have ever been in, it was a fab price as I got a last min deal, we had an amazing holiday and fantastic weather...........Thankyou"

Michelle - Jul 2014

"a great park ideally located my family loved this holiday and would definitely stay there again, the park was clean and well kept and the caravan we stayed in was again very clean overall very pleased with this holiday park."

Melanie - Jul 2014

"Park was good - entrance road is a let down!"

Kevin - Jul 2014

"lovely caravan. Modern, spacious, liked the idea of 2 toilets if going with other family members."

David - Jul 2014

"We weren't sure what to expect, being our first time at a caravan park, but, it was great. The staff couldn't be more helpful, the food was well priced and high quality.

The only thing I would change is the evening entertainment, which I though was too geared for grown ups; and not children.

I would recommend to others."

Darren - Jul 2014

"Really enjoyed holiday overall, great service by reception staff and handy man sent to caravan. However I found with the female pool attendant extremly rude and unhelpful when asked about baby change facilities at the pool. As a result I ended up having to dry & change my 6 month old on my lap in a tiny cubicle while also helping my 5 year old to dress himself. As a result we decided to visit a pool away from the complex for the remainder of stay."

Ann-marie - Jun 2014

"We all had a gr8 cheap holiday..value 4 was clean friendly wiv comfy spacious clean caravan...cud do wiv a few more activities on site 4 the kids but wot they hav there is gud..wud reccommend but u got 2 like kids as there r everywhere but had no problems...oh yeah wud go bac but wud check 4 seagull nests 1st as they can make a lot of noise early hours of the nite"

Gail - May 2014

"There was only one downside and that was the entrance to the park but hopefully that will be improved once the workmen have finished."

Elizabeth - May 2014

"Best caravan we have ever had!"

Eileen - May 2014

"Great holiday was had .just a pity we couldnt have. Booked for the week we wanted in june"

Adrian - May 2014

"Loved the caravan and the holiday unfortunately you can't choose the neighbours. We had a large family that drank a lot of alcohol and argued and swore"

Patricia - Apr 2014

"Great long weekend stay, kids loved it. Best fish and chips we Have ever had from campsite chip chippy, delicious. Campsite safe and clean and caravans exceptionally clean. Great value for money, would definatly go back again."

Charlotte - Apr 2014

"Very Pleased with every thing"

Allan - Mar 2014

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