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Join the adventures of Dan Kouzo and The Misfit clan as they pair with alien creatures called Bakugan in epic battles for the fate of the world.

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S3.1 E101A · Fire In The Sky

September 1, 2023

Dan Kouzo and Dragonoid prepare for a brawl against longtime rival Nillious as the story of how Bakugan came to live on Earth is revealed.

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S3.1 E101B · Ready To Rampage

September 1, 2023

Bakugan around the world learn to pair with kid partners, including Mia Ono and Avian Bakugan Ventri. Kaiju-sized brawls become hugely popular until a catastrophic event changes everything!

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S3.1 E102A · Tyrannosaurus Flex

September 1, 2023

Dan, Mia and Griffin investigate a new Baku-Ball arrival to Earth but must evade Chip and his patrol unit when the Bakugan rolls-out and has a difficult time “settling in”.

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S3.1 E102B · No Take Backsies

September 1, 2023

Dan and Drago are introduced to the world of underground brawling and are invited to join the Dragon Clan by its leader, Kage.

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S3.1 E103A · Bunch of Misfits

September 1, 2023

A conflict develops when Dan discovers that Mia conceals her brawling identity from her parents and she learns about Dan’s visit to the Dragon Clan Mod.

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S3.1 E103B · Brawl Or Nothing

September 1, 2023

On behalf of his newly formed clan of “misfits,” Dan challenges the Insect Clan to a one-shot opportunity to “brawl-in” to join the underground league.

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S3.1 E104A · Rules Are Boring

September 1, 2023

The Misfit Clan looks to gain new members by brawling the Mammal Clan for local daredevil-hacker Juno and her Bakugan partner, Bruiser.

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S3.1 E104B · A Handful Of Gold!

September 1, 2023

Juno and Griffin work together to unlock new Bakugan powers while Nillious gathers the other clan leaders to plot the Misfits’ demise.

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S3.1 E105A · Mod Alone

September 1, 2023

Murph and Lil Jasper are left alone in the Misfit Mod overnight and must fight off Kage and Nillious who are attempting to break in to steal their Gold Evolution data.

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S3.1 E105B · Throw Some Shade

September 1, 2023

Griffin and Trox represent the Misfit Clan in a brawl against the Dino Clan. Fearing they'll let their clan down, they draw inspiration from their favourite comic hero.

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S3.1 E106A · Viva Corndogs

September 1, 2023

Dan becomes a viral joke after a corndog-themed video made without his permission leaks. Drago attempts to distract Dan from seeing the video while the others race to find a way to get it taken down.

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S3.1 E106B · Hard Water

September 1, 2023

Frustrated by their reputation and Nillious conspiring against them, the Misfit Clan looks to form an alliance with the Aquatic Clan.

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S3.1 E107A · Octogan Wrong!

September 1, 2023

A young Aquatic Clan brawler and his Bakugan partner, Octogan, visit the Misfit Mod in need of an unlikely favour.

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S3.1 E107B · Eat Meat

September 1, 2023

Looking for an explanation for the Bakugan rampages, the Misfits sneak into an underground facility below the biggest tech company in the world.

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S3.1 E108A · The Sound Of Pickles

September 1, 2023

Excited to see the outside world, the Misfits’ newest recruit, TC, visits a local park with Hammerhead and gets in trouble when he runs into Chip and his Bakugan patrol unit.

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S3.1 E108B . Off The Radar

September 1, 2023

Mia and Ventri are challenged by rivals Raven and Flame to find the location of the Avian Clan Mod.

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S3.1 E109A . The Worst Idea Of All

September 1, 2023

Juno and TC hit the streets to pick a fight with several different clans in an effort to help TC improve at brawling.

Episode Guide | Bakugan (26)

S3.1 E109B . There Is No Dr. Raptor

September 1, 2023

After butting heads with Mia at the Misfit Mod, Griffin and Trox meet a Dino clan pair who appear to share the same interests as them.

Episode Guide | Bakugan (27)

S3.1 E110A . Bombzookas Away

September 1, 2023

When Mia discovers that a brawler has been trolling her online, she challenges him to a brawl at the Misfit Clan Mod and gets more than she bargained for.

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S3.1 E110B . You're Welcome

September 1, 2023

Dan enforces a strict training regiment on the Misfit Clan in order to win a tournament against the other clans and prove that their diversity is a point of strength.

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S3.1 E111A . Just jump In

September 1, 2023

The Misfit Clan attempts to find the location of the Bakugan brawling tournament, landing TC and Hammerhead in over their hammers…I mean, heads!

Episode Guide | Bakugan (30)

S3.1 E111B . B.A.M. Boost

September 1, 2023

At the tournament, the Misfits find themselves in an impromptu four-on-four Baku-Brawl and must fight to prove that their diversity is a strength.

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S3.1 E112A .Terrible Bitter History

September 1, 2023

Drago tells the tale of his history with Nillious and the war that resulted in Bakugan being transported to Earth.

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S3.1 E112B . We're Great With Rodents!

September 1, 2023

After learning that Mia’s dad is examining a Vestroian weapon that fell to Earth, the Misfits attempt to covertly retrieve a powerful and potentially dangerous piece of the technology.

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S3.1 E113A . For The Fate Of The Misfit Clan

September 1, 2023

After a damaging secret is revealed, Dan and Drago challenge Kage and Nillious to brawl for the fate of the Misfit Clan!

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S3.1 E113B . My Fingers Were Crossed!

September 1, 2023

After several Bakugan suddenly begin to rampage through the streets, our heroes must convince the other clans to join them to save the city.

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