Deepwoken – All Enchantments and How to Unlock (2024)

Any dime-store shmuck can run around swinging a sword at people, that’s nothing impressive. You know what’s really impressive? Swinging around a sword that sets things on fire, or steals people’s life, or calls down thunderbolts, or all sorts of cool stuff! If that sounds appealing to you, and I know it does, then here are all the Enchantments and how to unlock them in Deepwoken.

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Deepwoken – All Enchantments and How to Unlock

Enchantments are special effects that can be applied to both weapons and equipment in Deepwoken. Enchanted items, besides being naturally heartier than the regular stuff, gain a variety of nifty perks from their particular Enchantments, from stat boosts to bonus damage.

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Enchanted equipment (or just “Enchants” for short) can only be obtained as a random drop in a treasure chest. If you find an Enchant in a chest and pick it up, it’ll automatically be soulbound to you, preventing you from dropping it, though you can still sell it if you don’t want it. You can’t change or add Enchantments to a piece of equipment; you can only find pre-enchanted items in chests. The only other way to get Enchants is to trade three of them for a random one from Laplace at Greathive Aratel, though that kind of implies you’ve already found a few by chance.

Enchantment Effects

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There are many different Enchantments to uncover for both weapons and armor. Here’s an overview of each of the effects for each category.

Weapon Enchantments

  • Blazing: Sets enemies on fire on hit
  • Chilling: Applies Bottom Freeze after several hits, limiting movement
  • Deferred: Deals bonus damage over time
  • Detonation: Deals explosive damage after several hits
  • Elastic: Allows you to grab and drag in foes from a distance
  • Gluttony: Steal hunger and thirst points on hit
  • Grim: Marks a target with the Grim sign, during which they take bonus damage
  • Heroism: Gain bonus damage when above or below certain HP thresholds
  • Metal: Steals equipment durability and adds it to your own on it
  • Nemesis: Marks an enemy on hit, allowing you to warp to them when using your critical
  • Obfuscation: Deals bonus chip damage
  • Providence Thorns: Parrying attacks deals damage to the attacker
  • Sear: Applies Cauterize on hit, causing enemies to take bonus penetration damage
  • Solar: Applies Solar mark, highlighting marked enemies and stealing tempo when flourishing
  • Stone: Deals bonus posture damage and extra damage when breaking posture
  • Storm: Stuns enemies with lightning on activation
  • Stormbreaker: Allows you to throw your weapon, stunning and ragdolling on hit
  • Tears of Edenkite: Launches damaging and stunning bubbles on flourish
  • Umbral Knight: On activation, follows regular attacks with a bonus second attack
  • Vampirism: Heals your HP and blood bar on hit
  • Wild: Deals bonus AOE damage in a radius around hit enemies

There is an additional subcategory of Enchantments for weapons called Curses, which can have both positive and negative effects.

  • Curse of the Bloodthirsty: Increases blood bar damage, but causes you to take damage on missed attacks
  • Curse of the No Life King: Gain health back with basic attacks, but lose sanity upon equipping
  • Curse of the Unbidden: On hit, summons a portal that drains your ether and inflicts a damage penalty on enemy. Also changes you critical to a counter move
  • Curse of Yun’Shul: On activation, deals a percentage of your max health as bonus damage, occasionally deals a percentage of your health to you as damage

Equipment Enchantments

  • Adhesive: On activation, drags enemies toward you
  • Allure: On activation, inflicts Charm on enemies
  • Bounce: On activation, shoves nearby enemies away from you
  • Displacement: On activation, gain increased speed and hyperarmor
  • Drowned: Has bonus health, damage, armor, and ether
  • Entanglement: On activation, slows you down, but reduces damage from next several attacks
  • Multiplicity: On activation, restore your hunger, thirst, and blood bars
  • Stench: On activation, release a cloud of gas that damages all enemies within it
  • Viscosity: Replaces regular damage taken with damage over time, makes you immune to being Knocked or Executed unless you only have 1 health left
  • Ferocity: Increases defense while attacking

If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon some Enchanted gear, don’t hesitate to use it to its fullest capacity! I mean, it’s soulbound to you anyway, so you might as well.

For more Deepwoken info, check out our guide on the game’s various races and our tier list for their abilities. Visit our Facebook page as well for more guides and news.

Deepwoken – All Enchantments and How to Unlock (2024)
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