BioLife Plasma Services - Fort Wayne, IN - Reviews, Appointment & Contact (2024)

BioLife Plasma Services is an industry leader in the collection of high-quality plasma that is processed into life-saving plasma-based therapies. BioLife is currently evaluating potential changes to pandemic response for donating plasma. This may include changes to mask and social distancing requirements in line with the CDC and local regulations. Please ensure you review the postings at your specific center for applicable changes that will go into effect on 3.28.22.

Based on 420 reviews, this Blood donation center has received a rating of 4.3 stars

Address: 1450 Getz Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Phone: (260) 434-1922


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Monday8 AM–7:30 PM
Tuesday6 AM–7:30 PM
Wednesday6 AM–7:30 PM
Thursday6 AM–7:30 PM
Friday6 AM–7:30 PM
Saturday7 AM–4 PM
Sunday7 AM–4 PM

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Andrew Bills

I have spent most of my adult career in the healthcare world. Changing lives for the better! Donating Plasma is just another way to give promise to those needing medical treatments. The site is top notch! Staff is awesome and makes this site truly the great place to go. Caring, professional, attention to detail are a few words that come to mind quickly. If you are thinking about donating give this place a chance!

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Kaleb Byers

I have been donating for roughly a year and have no complaints. It’s a clean facility, staff are friendly and professional, and most of the time the donation goes quick enough. Though I would like if the scheduling was more accurate to an actual appointment as this can be misleading as to just how long an “appointment” can actually take. Offering a suggestion, look at employing something like a “crowd meter” like Planet Fitness uses on their application.

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Brittney Whaley

I had a great experience here today. The staff were nice and professional. Making an appointment on the app is easy and convenient. I’d refer a friend! Feel free to use me as a referal! Helping people is what I enjoy doing. If I can help safe a life I’m on it! Plus the cash is helpful if you need a financial boost!

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Jordan Johnson

Denny, Kia and Megan made my appointment an enjoyable, quick and easy experience today! The only reason I chose this center over the other ones in my area is because of all of the team they have working here actually cares about the donors

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Jonathan Wilder

Absolutely ridiculous today. Came in at 12:50pm. Huge mistake. Guess today was the to prioritize physicals over returning donors. Literally 1:45pm and only 4 returning donors moved in line but minimally 5 physicals have moved in an hr. Techs keep runnibg up front and to the back.

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Stacy Mygrant

The staff is awesome and a lot of them have been there during the 3 years of my donating. It is nice to see a familiar face. You can tell by watching them that they all work very hard. I know there can be a long wait time but I typically donate in the mornings and my wait time is rather minimal. I am normally pretty in and out…Tuesday I was in and out in only 45/50 minutes. No complaints here!

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Cody Loshe

I have donated her for a few months and had no real issue, but often the building can be very cold, I come here after work some days and it adds about 30 minutes to my commute just in driving time. I have had no trouble donating till today.

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Jay Mcbride

Professional courtesy staff. I just hate that it takes 30 to 60 to be screened in and another 20 mins to get a bed and to get stuck. I’ve spend 2.5 hrs here after making an appt. With no retesting or anything!! I don’t see the point in scheduling an appt if your waiting over an hr to be screened.

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Scarla Knight

Went to donate earlier today as a first time donor, as someone who struggles gaining weight the one setting me up for the account took my weight, everything went smoothly until I went to one of the ladies at the front desk. I was told by them (after I had already gotten my weight from another nurse) that I could not wear my steel toed shoes. It was neither on the website or in the first timer appointment checklist. When I asked if I could just remove them (which would be way more accurate than any shoes at all) they told me I was not allowed. So they stopped the process right there and said I can’t donate until tomorrow since I’ve already signed up and it counts as a full donation, however I am not able to get the funds ????? As a first time donor that will be my only time at this establishment. Not to mention the manager will not pick up the phone. Zero stars

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Matthew Spencer

Generally speaking I have no issues donating here. Today seems to have been an exception. I come to donate 2 hours or more before I have to be at work. My brother come with me often. Today, I showed up at my 12:20 appt and was seated in yellow by 12:25. My brother was 4 donors behind me and was seated in red. As I was waiting to be stuck, I texted my brother asking if he knew why it was taking so long, seeings how they didn’t seem busy in the slightest. He said he wasn’t sure and that he had already been stuck. There wasn’t even anyone in the waiting area to be seated area. I looked around and noticed many of who I would call the “veteran” phlebotomists were scarce. Monica from Rochester, IN was the phlebotomist in my section. She finally started to hook me up to the machine. In doing so she looked at my veins and questioned which vein was normally used. I ensured her that they have used the same vein since I started donating in 2007. All my veins are easily visible, I just know my outside vein pumps best. When sticking me, I could almost immediately tell she messed up. She started at what I could have told her was the wrong angle and I didn’t believe she had gone past my scar tissue. But what do I know, I’ve only been going to Biolife on and off for 16 years. She mangled my stick and didn’t even bother to check the numbers on the machine to ensure there was good blood flow. As expected the machine insisted I wasn’t pumping well enough, so I kicked it up a notch trying to pump harder and faster. This didn’t help and the machine stopped with an error 2 times on my first draw. Then it stopped with an error on my first return. Another phlebotomist came and looked at the machine but didn’t adjust the needle at all. At this point, I’m visibly frustrated and have asked for someone who actually knows how to stick to come adjust my needle because I didn’t have time for them to continue to slow my machine for no better results. Guess who comes to adjust me? Monica, who proceeds to try and adjust me 3 times getting nowhere. Finally, she calls another phlebotomist over to re-stick in my other arm, which I can’t remember the last time this was necessary. Years… because I’m an extremely easy stick. I was stuck in my other arm and the new what I would call a “veteran” phlebotomist checked the machine and had me running at the fastest speed. At this point, however, it was clear, there was absolutely no way I would be finished with my donation in time to make it to work on time. Generally speaking I take 45 min to an hour for my donation. Today it took 2 hours from being seated to being disconnected. I was late to work. Overall I would give Biolife plasma services on getz road in fort wayne a 5 star review… however I would give Monica a 1. And that’s only because I have to give her 1 star, not 0. That averages out to 3 stars.

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BioLife Plasma Services - Fort Wayne, IN - Reviews, Appointment & Contact (2024)
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