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December 2014

Not much to report on musically, but I'm hoping you'll follow me on Instagram #danlorenzoCK.

Email me if you want to buy one of the t-shirts you see there.

Original Bio

The webmaster of this site told me I needed to write a bio. I did. As I sent it, my computer crashed so now I'm typing it again. Keep in mind I type with one finger.

I'm sure anybody looking at this site knows I was in 2 bands for most of my life... Hades and Non-Fiction, then Hades again. Allow me to explain. When I was in the 5th grade, all I wanted to do was play baseball. I wanted to eventually play shortstop for the New York Mets. Around the 8th grade I discovered Kiss.

In January of 1978 I was learning about Greek Mythology in my 9th grade English class. Right after that I started calling myself "Dan from Hades". It didn't matter that I didn't even start playing guitar until March of 1978. I KNEW I was going to start a band called Hades and someday I would put out an album.

A bunch of kids tried out for the Paramus High School freshman baseball team. I made it as the starting shortstop. After 5 games I quit. I was confused. I had always wanted to be a baseball player, but now all I wanted to do was play guitar.

It just so happened my best friend Paul Smith was a great singer. He had started playing guitar a few months before me. Our set list was... ANY song Paul could figure out. Cheap Trick, Kiss, The Knack, Jethro Tull. Eventually I became a better guitarist than Paul. I was playing between 2-7 hours a day. No lessons. I figured out a bunch of songs incorrectly, and we started playing live in 1979.

In 1980 and 1981 I took "Music Theory and Ear Training" at Paramus High. The first day of the first class there were 50 kids. By the middle of the 2nd year there were only 3 of us left.

Paul and I (as Hades) opened up for Twisted Sister at the Soap Factory. This was huge for us. We did a bunch of shows with the 2nd Hades line-up (way before the "classic" Resisting Success Hades) and eventually ended up on Megaforce's Born To Metalize. That version of Hades split up. Webmaster please don't make me tell everybody about the years 1986-2001. It was/is/has been well-documented.

Anywho, about a year after Hades put out DamNation on Metal Blade Records I/we decided to stop playing live. I really had more fun playing basketball and traveling with my wife, Gina. Did I tell you Gina and I got married in Rome and met the Pope?

About a year ago I got a call from Jeff The Drunk (from The Howard Stern show). Actually, it was Jeff's manager. He had heard some commercials I made for E!. They wanted me to record a Christmas album for Jeff. I needed to find a drummer who could play 10 songs in one take after 2 rehearsals. I wasn't talking to Mike Cristi at the time and Ron Lipnicki was too difficult to track down, so I called Johnny Milnes who used to be in Mucky Pup.

It was fun. I told Johnny I would eventually want to record some of my new originals. In the mean time Jimmy Schulman, Ron and I would occasionally jam Kiss songs just for fun.

On October 15th 2003 Johnny and I had one rehearsal Jimmy was there too. On October 19th Johnny and I recorded the music to 4 songs. Jimmy played bass on "CASSIUS KING" and "SWEET PAIN" by Kiss. Ron was playing out with Southern Shift on October 19th and I had already booked studio time. Johnny Milnes is a master at putting cool drums to music VERY quickly. This is my favorite way to work... quickly. To me, playing a song is not that much fun the 100th time. I was never meant for touring. 5 days into a tour I'd be going through the motions because I was so bored by the repetition.

I'm going to record a bunch of my new tunes soon. I've got a sh*t load of songs on my digital 8 track. I just want this project to be fun. I doubt very much I will ever make a record as great as Non-Fiction’s In The Know, but I bet I hit on some moments that are right up there. Plus, I'm going to call the shots on these songs. Any wacky ideas I have can't get outvoted because nobody else's vote counts!

I still love playing hoops and traveling with my wife more than anything, but music is starting to make a comeback.

-Dan Lorenzo - November 18, 2003

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