8 Best Free Net Worth Spreadsheets (updated For 2023) (2024)

Tracking your net worth is a powerful exercise.

Simply by making yourself aware of your current financial standing, you can start making conscious money decisions for your long-term financial health.

Whether your goal is to become independently wealthy, or simply to get a better grip on your big-picture financial situation, tracking your net worth can keep you organized and speed up your progress.

To track your net worth, you’ll need to subtract your liabilities from your assets.

  • Liabilities are debts and include things like student loans or car notes.
  • Assets are properties that hold monetary value; they’re often investments like real estate properties or retirement accounts.

To help you start tracking your net worth and improve your financial health, we’ve rounded up six of the best, free net worth spreadsheets you can download today.

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1: Net Worth Spreadsheet For Microsoft Excel

The easy-to-use Net Worth template for Microsoft Excel provides a report of your total assets and liabilities, along with a colorful graph showing your trends over a customizable time period.

The Google Sheets version of this template (below) has been popular for years.

Get the free Excel Net Worth template here.

2: Net Worth Spreadsheet For Google Sheets

Tiller Community Solutions has created a free net worth template for Google Sheets powered by Tiller to help you easily track and visualize net worth progress over time.

Because this template is powered by Tiller Money Feeds, it automatically pulls in your daily bank, credit card, mortgage, loan, brokerage, and other balances.

You’ll easily be able to view all your assets and liabilities in one place, along with how much your total net worth has changed over time, complete with a graph.

3: “Journey to a Million” Net Worth Tracker from Budgets Are Sexy

J from Budgets Are Sexy made this template to track his progress to saving a million dollars over several years. On his blog you can see his actual numbers from 2008 to 2019.

Click here to download the Excel worksheet

4: Net Worth Summary for Excel from Microsoft

8 Best Free Net Worth Spreadsheets (updated For 2023) (4)

This straightforward Excel worksheet from Microsoft shows your net worth at a glance. Simply enter your assets and liabilities to see your net worth in a vibrant assets and liabilities chart.

Download Excel .XLSX file | Open in Browser

5: Cross-Border Net Worth Spreadsheets from SquawkFox

These net worth spreadsheets from Squawkfox serve a cross-border audience with options for both Americans and Canadians. It’s not just about the difference in the conversion rate; these sheets list out assets unique to each country like IRAs and 401(k)s in the US, or GICs and TFSPs in Canada.

This sheet is best for those who are trying to get a one-time snapshot. It does not track your net worth over a period of time.

6: Student-Loan-Centric Net Worth Spreadsheet from Young Adult Money

Have oppressive student loans? You’re not alone. The average student debt load for the class of 2018 was $29,200 per student who borrowed.

For that reason, many plan on using student loan forgiveness programs to cancel out a portion of their debt.This setup can make it tricky to calculate your net worth, as there may be a few different student loan debt payoff scenarios.

Luckily, this net worth spreadsheet from Young Adult Money accounts for programs like PSLF, allowing you to figure out your potential net worth in both instances where you were hypothetically granted forgiveness and instances where you hypothetically weren’t.

7: Net Worth & Cash Flow Sheet from Johnny Africa

8 Best Free Net Worth Spreadsheets (updated For 2023) (5)

The net worth and cash flow spreadsheet from Johnny Africa allows you to input all your debts and assets. It takes things a step further, though, for those pursuing financial independence (FI).

It has separate tabs for logging your current cash flow – and planning out what your cash flow will look like after you achieve FI. Its Dashboard tab gives you a quick snapshot of your spending, net worth, and different financial independence scenarios complete with graphs and charts.

8: Financial Independence Net Worth Spreadsheet

8 Best Free Net Worth Spreadsheets (updated For 2023) (6)

If you’re looking for something advanced, the Financial Independence Spreadsheet comes with all the bells and whistles. Built to help those pursuing big financial goals, it tracks your assets and debts in deep ways. Your specific investments can be input by ticker symbol, and the sheet automatically populates its current value through Google Finance.

This template also covers tax planning, so as you build your net worth, you can strategize where you keep your money. Charts abound, and you have the ability to visualize several different scenarios — including growing a net worth that allows for an expat lifestyle.


8 Best Free Net Worth Spreadsheets (updated For 2023) (2024)
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